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You own property and have some extra space

You have a few acres sitting idle, maybe a forgotten corner in a back paddock. Did you know you can turn it into extra cash renting space to a Tiny House dweller?? We've already done the work and vetted your applicants!
They'll even BYO house!

You own a Tiny House and need somewhere to park it

You have a Tiny House, or maybe you're about to take delivery of one- congrats! It's an exciting but stressful time- how are you going to find somewhere to park it?? Why reinvent the wheel when we've already done the legwork for you?
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Is owning a Tiny House still a pipe dream due to finances? Your dream is closer to reality than you think!

We have partnered with an incredible company who are EXPERTS in the minefield that is Tiny House and off-grid finance. Woohoooo!!

They can help if you’re looking to buy a:

– THOW (Tiny House on Wheels)

– Tiny House on Foundations

– Mobile home, van, caravan

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